The best way to learn how to build a digital product is to make it. And the best way to make it is by seeing how it is done.

That's the core of my newsletter: showing you before telling you.

In it, you'll see exactly how I put to work ten years of experience building digital products and launching them in short cycles of 6 to 8 weeks.

Every week I send an email to my subscribers with:

  • How I'm going from having an idea to launch, going through all the stages in between (analysis, validation, design, and development).
  • Obstacles I find, how I overcome them, and what I learn in the process.
  • How to apply state of the art techniques and tools, used by leaders in the industry and other successful makers.
  • Details and the thought process behind my strategy, goals, and roadmap.
  • Resources I find, or I create that help me advance.
  • Early access and updates to every product I'm making.

So, if you are serious about building something, I'd love to have you in!

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Season 1

Episode 1: 🌋 Maker's Way first season starts!

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Episode 3: 🌋 Open Maker launched!