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The only way to succeed with a digital product starts with building it. And the best way to build it is by seeing how successful makers are already doing it.

That's the core of Maker's Way newsletter: showing you how makers are going from 0 to $100k with their digital products.

Every week, you'll receive an email with a case study covering:

  • Who is behind it and how they came up with their idea.
  • What is their value proposition and who is their target customer.
  • How they are acquiring their customers.
  • The tech and products they are using to build their businesses.
  • How they are making their products knowledgeable.
  • How much money they are making in the process.
  • Key takeaways to help you in your way as a maker.

So, if you are serious about building something, I'd love to have you in

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Season 1

Episode 0: 🌋 $29.156 with a Blockchain Course built in 1 month.

Episode 1: 🌋 $23.400 with a Notion dashboard to help Newsletter writers.

Episode 2: 🌋 Making money helping Photographers make more money.