I hope you and your projects or ideas are going exceptionally well.

And if not, feel free to reply to this email, and I'll do my best to help you if you are stuck.

What about me?

Let's see:

🚀 Built

Log and ROI

I didn't start building Log and ROI "mobile-first," though it's probably one of the best of the web development practices ever. The reason for this is that it was designed as a desktop app that was going to be wrapped in electron (placing timer control in a 'tray bar' OSX app).

But, since the app is relatively simple and I'm using Bootstrap as U.I. library for the key components, I was not worried about the mobile version.

This is what I have in mind:

Besides this, the vast amount of use cases are already covered and tested. What remains is to do a little bit more of Q.A. and get ready to deploy.

I'll hopefully be able to launch in a couple of weeks ✌🏽.

Maker's Way

Some of you have asked me where I've found the Maker's Way Ghost Theme. I spun it up two weeks ago in a "personal hackathon" during the weekend (around 20 hours of work).

Regarding that and some comments I've seen in Ghost Forums, I decided to make it available for anyone that wants to use it.

It will be my first open-source project ever, so I'm pretty excited! Since it's already working well, I'll probably launch it this week. Also, I'll try to make the copies in the homepage customizable from the Ghost admin panel 'hacking' the post editor.

Also, do you know that since Ghost 3.0, you can implement paid subscriptions in it?

It's still in beta, but people are already starting to use it.

I'll leave the link in the resources section if you want more details.


I'm still working on the next article on the blog.

It's a deep dive into the art and science of understanding problems which solution is viable as a business. It will help you to discover business ideas, analyze the ones you have, or hone the products you have already built.

Also, this framework will help you even after launching, throwing light on what you should put your efforts to keep the focus on what matters (and will keep your business healthy).


I've finished Competing Against Luck, from Clayton Christensen.

The primary learning I've extracted is that to understand an opportunity to innovate (I.E., to solve a problem better and have the chance to build a business upon it), you have to comprehend the emotional and social circumstances that surround it.

Just putting 'black on white' the raw problem is not enough to attack it properly.

You have to destructure what surrounds the problem at stake to have the full picture and, thus, increase the chances of building a solution that delivers superior value.

🧰 Resources used and/or found

💎Key takeaway:

  • Business problems are not just about 'raw descriptions,' but a fluid story also composed by the emotional and social circumstances that surround them.

📡 Some interesting articles: