Maker: Jacin (@jacintofleta on Twitter).

Product: Check My Presets.

One-liner: Lightroom presets marketplace for Photographers.

Revenue so far: +$9,000.

Launch date: July '20.

In the past few years, Gumroad has become the default place where creators make their first $1 online.

It's got so big that tailor-made platforms to help specific types of creators make money online are starting to appear.

In this episode, I tell you the story of Jacin, a maker unbundling Gumroad to help remarkable photographers extend the reach of their personal monopolies.


Jacin's background is full of plot twists.

He is an engineer turned marketer that has also been a maker long before the term became a trend.

And like any successful creator, he has many failures in his backpack, as he proudly says.

Despite that, he found momentum in '16 with Flamingueo, an e-commerce selling viral products with more than 100.000 customers.

The inflatable flamingo that made them viral.

But after four years as CMO and co-founder, he missed going solo again.

So he learned to code and started building Check My Presets.


Photographers are a big chunk of the creator's economy.

They usually monetize their work by frequently selling pictures at stock repositories like Shutterstock or making courses teaching their techniques.

But there are no specific platforms where they can productize and sell their full array of knowledge and tools.


That's where Check My Presets comes in handy.

CMP is a marketplace where photographers can sell their Lightroom presets in a few clicks.

Check My Presets homepage

They can create a custom store in the platform and let users check, before buying, how the preset will transform a given picture.

He is building CMP in the open, so if you are a fan of the #BuildInPublic movement, follow him on Twitter.

4.How much money is he making?

While I'm writing this, he has already made +$9,000 since July '20.

5.Who is his target customer?

Photographers with big social followings aiming to extend their personal monopolies monetizing their work.

6.Which is his business model?

For now, just brokerage (20% fee per preset sold).

7.How is he acquiring customers?

By talking straight to photographers through Instagram DM.

8.Technology used

To build Check My Presets, he mainly used:

  • MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, NodeJS).
  • Heroku and Netlify as infrastructure.
  • Cloudinary as CDN.
  • Sendgrid to manage transactional emails.
  • Stripe as a payment processor.

(I added all these resources to the Maker's Vault for you to have them available any time.)

9.Key takeaways

  • Gumroad is getting 'Ready-to-unbundle' big.
  • Make money helping other people making money.
  • Non-scalable techniques to acquire customers will take you from 0 to 1.
  • Transparency makes you trustworthy. Trust makes you sell.

Thanks for your time! See you in the next episode - Roberto.

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