Hey, I'm Roberto.

A professional problem solver that has been covering the end to end in digital product crafting (from inception, design, ownership, development, team building, and management) for the past ten years.

Right now, I'm taking a gap period to explore, design, and develop ideas in cycles of 6 to 8 weeks, launch them, and see what happens.

Before that, I led a global blockchain practice at a big corporate, drove growth and product at two tech companies, co-authored a non-fiction bestseller, and started and sold a company in my last year at college, among other things (see more about me).

And during this time, many friends, colleagues, or peers asked me lots of times to write or publish something to help others going that same road.

When considering it, I felt that it never was the right time. Sometimes, because I thought I didn't know enough about the process (I can't stand gurus telling you the "tips and tricks" to become a millionaire in a year); sometimes, because I was burning out through hours of work at other companies.

Now, all this experience, mistakes made, successes, and lessons learned, are wildly having sex in my head, and I decided to build Maker's Way.

What's in for you?

The central question that acts as a cornerstone in Maker's Way is, "How can I help digital makers build a business on their passions?"

So, all the content and resources you'll find here are focused on deconstructing the process that goes from having a fresh idea to making it grow.

Maker's Way is based on four key pillars:


Timeless business wisdom, in the shape of writings, covering in-depth the underlying principles that make businesses work and inspiring success stories from makers like us.

Show me, don't tell me.

See in my weekly newsletter how I put in practice this knowledge while building my products.

In it, you'll see topics like:

  • How to go from a raw idea to launch, including market research, idea evaluation, UX&UI design, prototyping, development, and launch.
  • Mistakes I've done, what I did to solve them, and lessons learned in the process.
  • How to apply state of the art product design techniques and tools, such as design thinking, customer journeys, value proposition & business model canvas, and others that applies to the covered stages.
  • Insights on the strategy, roadmap, and tactics I'm using to reach my goals.
  • Useful resources I've found or made that helped me advance.
  • How I use software like Figma, Sketch, Miro, VS Code, among many others, to build digital products.
  • Early access and updates to every product I'm making.

See more about the Maker's Way newsletter here.

The Maker's Vault

A curated collection of resources, ranging from design assets, apps, templates, podcasts, books, and everything useful I find that helps me advance as a maker.

Go to Maker's Vault.

The Maker's Community

What you'll find in your path as a Maker is that a supporting and inspiring network is essential. That's why I created a Slack channel for us to connect with other Makers, find help if you are stuck, and see the journey of other peers building their digital products.

See more about Maker's community.

If you are serious and motivated about becoming a digital maker, I'd encourage you to subscribe and become an early adopter.

I can't promise you'll succeed. Make a living on your passion is a challenging endeavor, though a lot of "gurus" will try to convince you of the opposite.

But what I can promise is that you'll learn a ton. You'll have a lot of fun and will come out transformed from this experience.

And, who knows. You may change the lives of many people for the better with your creations.

See you in the maker's way!